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Add/Drop Policy

Adding Classes

Students may enroll in open classes, without instructor approval, through the end of open registration. Once open registration closes, and before the census day (late registration period), students may only add classes with an add slip that is signed by the instructor provided students meet prerequisite requirements, which are checked at time of registration. Students may register for classes which begin after regular session starts by Web until the first class meeting.

At the end of open registration when a course is closed, it will remain closed regardless of drop activity, and only the instructor or dean may approve student enrollment into a closed class. The signature of a dean or vice president is required to add a semester length course after the census date. Only under extenuating circumstances will a dean or vice president add students to classes on or after the census date. Add slips submitted on or after census date require both the instructor’s and dean’s written approval/signature.

Dropping Classes

Following registration, students may withdraw from any course by using the Web registration system. However, non-attendance does not release the student from his/her responsibility to drop. Failure to drop will result in a failing grade. Inactively enrolled students must be dropped before the census day in accordance with Title 5, Section 58004, and Subsection 3(c). “Districts shall clear the rolls of inactive enrollment. Inactive enrollment in a course is defined as follows: As of each census day, any student who has: (1) been identified as a “no show,” or (2) officially withdrawn from the course, or (3) been dropped from the course.

A no show student is defined as: An enrolled student who has not attended one or more courses at any time. “A student shall be dropped if no longer participating in the course, except if there are extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances: are verified cases of accidents, illness, other circumstances beyond the control of the student, and other conditions defined by the governing board and published in regulations. The drop date shall be the end of business on the day immediately proceeding the census day.”

If a student’s absences in a specific class exceed the number of hours the class meets per week, the student may be prohibited from further attendance in the class and may be dropped by the instructor.

Last updated: July 9, 2015