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Audit Policy

Education Code 76370 permits community colleges to allow individuals to audit courses, that is, to sit in without participating in class activities or being required to take exams. The intent is to provide individuals with opportunities to explore areas of interest without being subject to the demands of class activities or evaluation and grading. An additional intent is that faculty will not have additional work required because of the presence of individuals auditing courses.

In accordance with Education Code 76370, students at Antelope Valley College and community members will be permitted to audit courses only if the admission of auditors will not result in credit students being denied access to a course. However, auditing may not be appropriate for all sections of a course or for all courses even if class seats are available.
Audit petition forms are available from Admissions and Records in the Student Services Building. The forms will not be accepted until after the first week of classes; instructor approval and payment of fees to the cashier is required prior to attending classes.

Fees- A fee of $15 per unit will be charged with the exception that students enrolled in ten or more units of credit classes at AVC will not be charged to audit 3 or fewer units. These students will be charged to audit more than 3 units at the $15 per unit rate.

Responsibilities - Students and other individuals will be invited to participate in class activities at the discretion of the instructor; however, the instructor is not required to evaluate in any way class activities and projects. Auditors may not take quizzes and examinations and will not receive a grade.
An individual auditing a course will not be permitted to change his or her audit status to a credit status. An individual enrolled in a class for credit will not be permitted to change his or her credit status to an audit status.

Individuals who are auditing a course and are not enrolled in any courses as credit students will not be entitled to any of the services or privileges provided to currently enrolled students. State Education Code is available at and in the AVC Library.

Last updated: August 25, 2015