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Catalog Rights Policy

Provided that continuous attendance is maintained, AVC students may elect the degree requirements in effect at:

  1. The time they begin their study at a California Community College, a CSU campus, or a UC campus;
  2. The time they entered AVC; or
  3. The time they graduate from AVC.

Continuous attendance is defined as attendance in at least one regular semester (fall or spring) in each calendar year. Summer and intersession terms cannot be used to establish catalog rights nor to maintain continuous attendance. Once catalog rights are established, absence related to attendance at another accredited institution of higher learning shall not be considered an interruption, providing the absence does not exceed two years. Students changing major will be subject to the major requirements in effect at the time of the change, but will be allowed to continue with previously established non major requirements (general education, proficiencies, etc.). NOTE: The “Catalog Rights Policy” sets forth the criteria used for determining the degree requirements under which students may graduate. New students should check AVC’s online catalog for the most up to date version, which may include changes to academic policies or procedures as a result of new or revised legislation, course prerequisites, or other academic concerns.

Last updated: July 9, 2015