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Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect from the writing tutors?

Please DO expect our tutors to . . .

Respond to your writing honestly and constructively.

Suggestions, not solutions; possibilities, not proofreading.

  • Our tutors are AVC students who are experienced writers. They are also trained to be analytical, yet respectful readers of your writing. That means they will provide you with straightforward, useful comments to support you as a writer.
  • Tutors offer suggestions to help you at any stage of the writing process, from coming up with ideas to polishing final drafts.
  • Tutors help you improve your writing skills by caring about the principles of good writing. Their goal then is to help you become a better writer, not just to assist you with specific assignments. That is why we try to help you learn the writing process, one you can apply on your own to any writing task. Let's work together to help you become a more skilled and more independent writer.

Please do NOT expect our tutors to . . .

Write or proofread your papers.

Estimate, discuss, or be held accountable for grades you receive on your papers or in your classes.

Speak for your instructor.

  • Our purpose is not to write or fix your papers for you; we are not a repair shop. We are here to help you develop your writing skills and improve your own papers. Learning to write well is hard work, and the work must be done by you.
  • Your grades are your responsibility; however, we will do our best to help you learn the principles of good writing. As you practice applying these principles and your writing improves, your grades will probably improve, too, but we cannot guarantee it.
  • If you are unhappy with a grade or if you have a question about a comment an instructor has made in class or on a paper, please speak directly to him or her about it. Also, if you are unclear about the requirements for a particular assignment, please ask your instructor for clarification.


How can I arrange to work with a tutor?

Writing Center tutors are available to assist you with writing tasks related to any of your AVC classes. Generally, tutorials last a maximum of 30 minutes, and you are allowed up to two tutorials per week (no more than one per day). These restrictions enable our tutors to serve as many students as they can while providing each student with an appropriate level of assistance.

You may work with a tutor by dropping in via Zoom. Make sure to bring your syllabus and assignment, you'll want to be prepared to get the most from your tutorial.

We have transitioned our tutoring services to an online platform available via Zoom and Canvas. For access, click here to enroll https://bit.ly/EnrollAVCOnlineLearningCenter


Do you have sample papers for my class?

Some instructors keep sample papers on file in the Writing Center to give students a clearer understanding of the requirements for specific assignments. You may view most sample papers at the Library Reference Desk. These papers may not be photocopied and must be viewed in the Library; however, you may download the sample papers listed on the Writing Center Links & Handouts page.

Using material from sample papers or other sources without including proper citations constitutes plagiarism, a serious academic offense with equally serious consequences. Learn more about plagiarism.


Do you have any handouts to help me with writing?

Visit our Links & Handouts page.


What do I need to know about writing for college?

Download our Writing for College PowerPoint presentation.

Last updated: June 22, 2022