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Public Hearing: By-Trustee Area Election System - Monday, Oct 9

At the September 11, 2017 Antelope Valley Community College District meeting, the Board of Trustees adopted Resolution No. 17-18/4, “Resolution to Initiate the Process of Establishing Trustee Areas and Elections By-Trustee Areas for 2018.” Under the current “at-large” system, all registered voters in the District’s boundaries can vote for candidates for Board member seats. Under the new proposed system, candidates will be elected by “trustee areas.” This means only voters within a given trustee area can vote for candidates who reside within that same area. 

Before the District prepares and presents draft map options, the law requires the District to hold two public hearings to solicit comments and feedback regarding the composition of the districts (also referred to as “trustee areas”). The District is requesting public input regarding the composition of the trustee areas to be formed and the criteria the demographer will be directed to consider in drafting trustee areas. The second public hearing regarding the composition of trustee areas  will be held on Monday, October 9, 2017 at 6:30 pm during the regularly scheduled Antelope Valley Community College District Board of Trustees meeting.  This public hearing will take place in the Antelope Valley College Board Room (SSV 151), Antelope Valley College 3041 West Ave K., Lancaster Ca 93536.

Last updated: September 28, 2017