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AVC Alpha Iota & Guardian Scholars Put on Foster Youth Luggage Drive

Given a platform, students can move mountains across continents in order to mend the wounds in society. The students of AVC can find their platform in student organizations such as the Alpha Iota Honor Society and the Guardian Scholars Foster Youth Connection. The collaboration between these two clubs forged the foster youth luggage drive and donation program. This endeavor is an ongoing project that transcends semesters; it is designed to collect backpacks, suitcases, duffle bags, and any form of luggage to be disbursed to the foster youth transitioning between homes. Too often are these children given nothing to carry their belongings. If they are, it is a trash bag. To put one’s belongings in a trash bag is dehumanizing a class of people who are already struggling to keep their head above water and to live with the setbacks that are innate to their circumstances. Guardian Scholars and Alpha Iota have already made donations of dozens of pieces of luggage through agencies whose purpose is to assist and aid foster youth. If you want to make a donation, contact Alpha Iota President via

Last updated: March 30, 2018