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Umoja Events Spring 2024 - The InkWell, Movies in Color and Porch Talks
AVC UMOJA Community
The Ink Well

The InkWell

Join us at The InkWell, a supportive space for writers and artists to connect and build community. Here, storytellers are empowered to craft authentic narratives that affirm their unique experiences. Whether you prefer poetry, spoken word, performance, non- fiction, or fiction writing, choose your medium of storytelling and become a part of our community of like-minded creatives. Discover your voice and share your story with us at The InkWell.

Every 2nd Wednesday, 3pm - 4pm

  • February 14 in the SH 219 (Sage Hall)
  • March 13 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
  • April 10 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
Movies in Color

Movies in Color

Join us for our film series highlighting Black filmmakers and actors. We're excited to showcase the work of talented artists and creators who have made a significant impact on the film industry. Come and experience the power of storytelling through the lens of these groundbreaking filmmakers and actors. We can't wait to see you there!

Every 3rd Thursday, 1pm - 3pm

  • February 15 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
  • March 21 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
  • April 18 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
Porch Talks

Umoja Porch Talks

Sharing stories and traditions, passing down knowledge, and simply spending time together as a community has been a long-standing tradition throughout history. One place where this has often taken place is on the porch. The porch provides a space that is not quite inside the home, yet not fully outside either. It's a middle ground that allows for casual conversations with neighbors as they walk by. This creates a warm and welcoming environment that fosters a greater sense of community and connectedness. By participating in AVC Umoja's Porch Talks, we can all contribute to building a stronger community together. Umoja Porch Talks are student-led conversations that create connection and build on community knowledge. Join us for Umoja Porch Talks every 4th Wednesday at the Umoja Village!

Every 4th Wednesday, 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • February 28 in the in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
  • March 27 in the Umoja Village (The Hub)
  • April 24 in the Student Lounge (SCT 150)