AVC Foundation Grants Criteria

The AVC Foundation Grants program assists AVC campus entities with awards for activities or purchases that are not funded from the college/district budget. Grants are provided by the AVC Foundation general fund (“AVC Fund”), through unrestricted employee giving and donor contributions.

Grants are awarded for activities and purchases that directly support faculty, staff, and students for the betterment of Antelope Valley College and its educational mission. The AVC Foundation needs information on how your proposal provides that support, how you will spend the funds, past and future funding of this or similar activities, and cooperation between your area and the Foundation. A Foundation grants review committee will review applications. Please direct any questions to Lisa O’Leary at the Foundation Office, at ext. 6055.

The Foundation Grants are awarded in the following categories and must provide a direct student benefit:

  • Programs
  • Faculty Support
  • Equipment
  • Staff Support

The funds must be one-time, with no recurring expenses.

AVC administrator must approve and support your request before submission.

Information Technology Services (ITS) must review and approve any/all computers, software, or IT equipment contingent to the application before submission.

Items that may be considered:

  • Honoraria for speakers
  • Equipment and software (ITS Reviewed)
  • Support for course field trips
  • Outreach to high schools
  • Printing for department or program needs
  • Books for special college programs to benefit students

Items that will not be considered:

  • Food for department parties
  • Food/flowers for campus activities over $100
  • Scholarships for students
  • Expenses that are available through a college budget
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Salaries
  • Sponsorships of other non-profit organizations
  • Requests for programs that do not directly benefit the faculty/staff or students of AVC
  • Multi-year pledge requests
  • Funding for religious or political purposes
  • Items for personal use
  • Activities or events that do not include student involvement
Last updated: March 3, 2018