Count me in! Census 2020. Census information is being collected now

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Count me in! Census 2020.

Census information is being collected now, check out the link below about how to participate and what your participation means!

Who should be counted?

  • Students living alone, with parents, or on campus.


Why should you be counted?

  • Programs rely on the census for funding programs and allocating resources.
  • This means the more individuals that are counted, the more resources are available to you.


Where can I go to be counted?

  •  If you live on your own:
  • If you live with your parents or relatives:
    • Ask them to include you when responding to the census for your home address.
  • If you were living in on-campus student housing:
    • The U.S. Census Bureau will work with representatives from your building to ensure you are counted. You may be asked to complete an individual census form.
Last updated: June 23, 2020