Theatre Arts Classes Offered For Fall 2020

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Discover the ultimate truth in expressing the human spirit and reach your full potential as an artist. Enroll today for Fall 2020!

THA 110 • CRN: 71307 • Tuesday/Thursday • 8–10:05 am • Carolina Barcos

Acting is more than learning how to create a character, it’s about building your confidence, discovering your true identity and facing your greatest fears: public speaking and stage fright. Discover the ultimate truth in expressing the human spirit and reach your full potential as artists. Free your imagination, stimulate your intellect and find the expressive possibilities of your instrument. Each class focuses on incorporating voice, speech movement, language and script analysis, and emphasizes how to play actions, create strong objectives and use active tactics to overcome obstacles. This fundamentals class makes use of an exercise called the Autodrama, an autobiographical portrayal of a student’s life, which empowers you to create characters, develop your imagination and deeply connect to your emotions, igniting a powerful, truthful performance on stage. Acting is about taking the biggest risks in life and the challenge is for you to find your voice and give birth to new artistic forms in redefining theatre. Come take a risk, have fun!

Every day is an incredible adventure into exploring your creativity and imagination, and celebrating your joyful spirit!

THA 125 • CRN: 75125 • Tuesday/Thursday • 10:30 am–12:35 pm • Carolina Barcos

Intermediate Acting is a scene study class where you perform two scenes and one monologue to further develop your craft in acting. You will learn how to create a character, find the arc of the scene, choose a strong playable objective to live moment to moment in imaginary given circumstances to honor the blueprint of the play. You will learn how to analyze text, write a character and scene analysis. You will begin to create preps and personalize the characters to live in their truth, and explore real behavior to create an authentic performance. You will explore motivated, justified movement on stage and how to direct your self in a scene. You will learn how to raise the stakes, be fierce and fight for your life on stage! You will also learn about the business of acting and auditioning professionally. Discussions include: cold reading technique, call backs, head shots, agents, extra work, how to create an acting reel, and how to layer yourself into the business of acting.

This is an opportunity to grow and develop your craft to live in your potential as an artist.

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