Drawing Classes Available For Fall 2020 – Enroll Today

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Delve into how drawing operates as a form of thinking, a diverse cultural practice, and a visual dialog with our universe! In class we will probe into the fundamentals of drawing through interactive and experimental techniques. Exercises focus on mastering a deep understanding of our drawing materials while investigating their complex histories.

We will probe into the scientific history of human perception and examine how drawing creates an index for how we understand the world. This year’s curriculum takes advantage of the blended format by allowing students to steer the course toward their own personal passions and compose their own projects. Ultimately, this course is designed to kick-start and nurture each student’s personal curiosity and creative identity.

Whether you are developing your portfolio, searching for out-of-the-box thinking, or just wanting to flex your creative muscle, this course is for you.

ART 170 & ART 210 • CRN: 70114 & 76983
Tuesday/Thursday • 11 am–2:05 pm • Christine Mugnolo


Last updated: July 30, 2020