Drop for Non-Payment Schedule for Spring 2021

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Drop for non-payment schedule for Spring 2021

Drop Date Registered Between Payment Due Date
November 30, 2020 Nov 16 - Nov 30 November 30 @ 11:30pm*
December 15, 2020 Dec 1 - Dec 15 December 15 @ 11:30pm*
December 31, 2020 Dec 16 - Dec 31 December 31 @ 11:30pm*
Nightly beginning January 1, 2021 Same Day 11:30pm* day of registration

* Drop process starts @ 11:30pm on each Drop Date.

If you have an outstanding balance for Spring 2021, please log into myAVC and follow the instructions below for payment options.

  1. Check my balance (click the Check My Balance link)
  2. If you have already been approved for a California College Promise Grant for Spring 2021, please allow up to 30 minutes for your account to update before making a payment.
  3. Pay the balance: click Pay My Fees
  4. Set Up a Payment Plan: click Set Up a Payment Plan
  5. Payment Plans are available in fall and spring for a balance of $50 or more. The $25 enrollment fee has been waived for Spring 2021.
  6. Apply for the California College Promise Grant (CCPG): www.avc.edu/studentservices/finaid/bogw.
    Students approved for the CCPG must pay any remaining balance due.

After making a payment or approval of a CCPG, click Check My Balance to ensure your balance is $0. If you have set-up a Payment Plan, you will see a balance that will be reduced each time you make a payment. Students who have an active payment plan will not be dropped.



Outstanding Balance for Fall 2020

Students with a debt accrual of $500 or less in Fall 2020, are eligible for an AVC Internal Payment Plan (no enrollment fee) with the ability to register for Spring 2021. Please contact the Cashier's Office for more details either by email at cashier@avc.edu or by phone at (661) 722-6335.


Last updated: November 17, 2020