Spring Semester Has Started With Classes Still Available - Register Now!

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With the Spring semester starting Monday, Jan. 11 there are a variety of courses still available for students: Check them out below here and register today!

MUSC 111: Fundamentals of Music Theory I

This course is designed to present the foundation of music theory underlying the music of all cultures in all ages, including study of bass and treble clefs, identification of tonal center by recognition of key signatures, major and minor scales, basic rhythmic skills, construction of intervals, triads and seventh chords and their inversions, and the application of the circle of fifths. Beginning composition is also part of the course.

MUSC 141: Concert Management

This course is designed to teach students to evaluate and critique music performances and address safety issues that revolve around the current climate of concert entertainment. Research through documented films and articles on concert planning where crowd control and design failures, injury, or loss of life have occurred, is crucial in order to reach conclusions based on safety protocol and prevention, as discussed in class and stated in international studies and surveys on concert organization and management.

THA 101: Intro To Theatre

A broad-based introduction to the various elements of theater including interpretation of plays, understanding of the various elements of a play in production, and survey of theater history and the development of the dramatic form. Play readings are supplemented by discussions and audiovisual aids to increase the student's understanding of the play in performance.

THA 110: Fundamentals of Acting

Introduction to the various techniques and methods of acting, emphasizing theater games, improvisation, mime, observation, concentration, and physical release which are intended to unleash the actors imagination and intuition. The student will also be introduced to the fundamentals of text and character analysis applied to the performance of a monologue.

THA 125: Intermediate Acting Workshop

Introduces the acting student to more in-depth work with character and text through analysis and performance of monologues and scenes from theatrical literature. Students will prepare performance-level scene/monologue studies with written analysis and then revise their work based on class critiques.

THA 239: Intercultural &  Women’s Theatre

Images of women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asian Americans, Native Americans, gays and lesbians in the theater and through selected plays. This course covers the evolution of racial, ethnic and sexual stereotypes in the theater, including the racist and sexist origins of those stereotypes, and efforts to more accurately and fairly portray sexual, racial, and ethnic diversity in the American theater. In addition, contributions from theater artists from various backgrounds are highlighted. Representative plays are used as the basis for class discussion.

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