Stay on Track to Graduate/Transfer with EduNav

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 03/30/2023 - 12:02

EduNav is a planning tool that keeps students focused and working toward their major. EduNav keeps students up to date on which classes they’ve taken and which classes they need to graduate and transfer.

If you already have an education plan created by a counselor, please make sure to follow its guidance and make an appointment in Counseling to match your Edunav plan with your current plan.

You can register for classes right from your ed plan with all the features to Add, Drop, Waitlist, and Add Authorization Codes. You can even work on "what-if" scenarios to see what would happen if you change your major.

You do not need a username or password for Edunav. Simply log in through myAVC and use the registration function. Students migrating to EduNav can find their current Student Ed Plan in the dashboard.

If you have any questions or need help with registration, please contact the Welcome Center.

Last updated: March 30, 2023