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About Smarthinking

For Spring 2018, you must be registered in one of these courses to access Smarthinking: English 100A or 101. Only a total of four (4) papers may be submitted during the term. Note: Instructors cannot require students to use Smarthinking, but can encourage them to do so.

AVC reserves the right to disallow access or change the number of submissions if necessary.


Getting Started

Meet face-to-face (f2f) with an Antelope Valley College Writing Center tutor should you need help getting started. The Writing Center is located in the northwest corner of the Learning Center on the Lancaster campus and on the third floor, Room SV3M, at the Palmdale Center.  Check the Writing Center website for f2f tutor availability.

Students enrolled in English 100A or 101 have a Smarthinking account. Sign-in using your user name and password. Your user name and password are:

User name Example: Joe Marauder’s email address is jmarauder@avc.edu and his student ID is 900876543. His Smarthinking username will be jmarauder@avc.edu and his password will be 900876543.

Once you log in, use the Smarthinking Student Handbook for tips on navigating the website and using the service or consult with an AVC Writing Center tutor.

Submit your writing.When you have completed a draft of your paper and want to receive some guidance on how to improve it, click on Writing Center and choose Essay Center. Complete the form that is presented to you. Near the bottom, choose First Available for a tutor and then upload your paper. Note: You may want to choose ESL Specialist if English is not your first language. Within approximately 24 hours, you will receive a personalized review of your paper with comments inserted.

If English is not your first language, click on the Submit Your Writing icon, choose Essay Center for papers a page or more in length, complete the form, choose the ESL Specialist tutoring option for a review of your paper (towards the bottom of the form), and then upload your paper. You will get feedback from an expert in identifying the types of problems you might encounter and how to avoid them.


Technology Requirements



The Smarthinking Technical Support team is available to assist you. The Customer Support section of the Smarthinking site can answer any questions you may have about using the service. First check the information in the FAQ, but if you still need help, you can call or email Smarthinking support: