Assessment Center: English as a Second Language

If you are a non-native English speaker who needs help with general language skills and grammar, you should consider taking the ESL Placement Test to be placed into recommended ESL classes.

If you are a bilingual English speaker who has a strong command of English competency, you should consider taking the Guided Self-Placement for English.

What is the ESL Placement Test?



The Accuplacer ESL Placement Test consists of four multiple choice sections:

  • Reading Skills
  • Sentence Meaning
  • Language Use
  • Listening Skills

The ESL Placement Test will measure your ability to comprehend English, understand word meaning in sentences, identify correct use of grammar, and understand spoken English language conversations from novice to advanced ESL levels.

Should I Prepare?

Although it is not required to prepare, we recommend the following study resources:

Accuplacer ESL Study Guide (sample test questions)

a4ESL (ESL learning activities)

ESL Learning Centre (English Club: English language lessons)



    When Can I Take the ESL Placement Test?

    The ESL Placement Test is offered on a walk-in basis at the Assessment Center - no appointment needed. It is not timed but will take about two hours to complete. Make sure to bring your Photo ID and AVC Student ID Number for check-in.  

    What Should I Do After the ESL Placement Test?

    Results are available immediately afterwards. To understand your scores and level, you will need to see a Counselor. Express Counseling is available as a walk-in service during regular hours of operation at the Counseling Center. You may also schedule an appointment to meet with the ESL Counselor.

    Last updated: April 16, 2019