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Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Assessment?

    Antelope Valley College offers computerized assessments in reading, writing, English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) and mathematics. The assessment process is designed to help you achieve success in college by identifying your academic strengths and needs, placing you in appropriate courses that match your educational background.

  • Who is required to take the Assessment?

    All non-exempt students are required to go through the assessment process. You may reference the Matriculation section of the college catalog for a complete list of "Placement Testing Alternatives." Assessment testing is free of charge.

  • I took EAP in high school. Does that exempt me from the Assessment test?

    If you received a "Standard Exceeded" status for English and/or Math on your EAP test, you may provide a copy of your results to the Assessment Center. AVC does not accept the "Conditional" or "Standard Met/Nearly Met/Not Met" status. You can find your EAP status on the last page of your California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) report. Note that EAP does not exempt students from the Reading assessment.

  • What if I already completed an English/Math/Reading/ESL course(s) at another college?

    Request to have your official transcript sent to Antelope Valley College or provide an official sealed copy to the Counseling Center. Make an appointment with a counselor to evaluate your transcript and determine if you need to take the assessment test or any part of it.

  • How can I arrange to take the Assessment?

    Assessments are administered on a walk-in basis during our posted walk-in hours to students who have applied for admission. No appointment is necessary, but make sure to arrive during scheduled walk-in hours to allow enough time to complete the assessment.
  • Where is the Assessment Center located?

    The Assessment Center is located in the T-100 Modular Building, East of the Business Education Building (BE) in parking lot 9. If parking, make sure to purchase a $1 daily parking permit from one of the yellow permit dispenser machines available at various locations throughout the campus. 

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    You must bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION and your AVC Student ID Number. The Assessment Center provides scratch paper and a pencil. Please note that cell phones, calculators, ipods, electronic devices and children are not permitted in the testing room.

  • Should I prepare for the Assessment?

    Preparation before taking the assessment (especially math) is highly recommended. The Study Materials link provides many helpful resources, such as sample questions and web tutorial content.

  • How long is the Assessment test?

    Plan to set aside 2 hours to complete the full assessment. If your testing session exceeds the posted closing time, your assessment will be stopped and saved. You may return within 30 days to resume and finish.

  • When do I get my Assessment results?

    You will receive a printed copy of your assessment results and course placements immediately after completing the assessment.

  • Can I take the Assessment test more than once?

    Students may retake each section of the assessment test one time prior to enrolling in their initial basic skills course sequences. Retesting to exit a basic skills course is not allowed. Students are required to wait at least one business day before retesting but are strongly encouraged to spend about 1-2 weeks in preparation. Placement is valid for three years. If no college English or math courses are taken for three years from the last assessment, students will need to retest in order to update their assessment results.

  • What if I already took a placement test at another college/university?

    Assessment tests other than the Accuplacer (Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills) MDTP (Math), or Accuplacer ESL (ESL Reading Skills, ESL Sentence Meaning, ESL Language Use and ESL Listening) are not valid at AVC. If you have taken the same assessment test(s) within the past three years elsewhere, you can request to have your test scores sent by the other college or institution to the AV College Assessment Center:

    Fax: (661) 722-6608
    Mail: Antelope Valley College, Assessment Center, 3041 West Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536

  • What if English is not my first language?

    If you are a non-native English speaker who needs help with general language skills and grammar, you should consider taking the ESL assessment to be placed into recommended ESL classes. If you are a bilingual English speaker who has a strong command of English competency, you should take the English assessment to receive course placements in Reading and English classes.

  • What if I need special accommodations?

    Special accommodations during the assessment may be arranged for students with documented disabilities. If you require special arrangements, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 661.722.6360 (voice/relay).

  • What should I do after the Assessment test?

    When finished, you should plan to visit the Express Counselor to discuss your results. The Counseling Center will also assist you with developing your Abbreviated Education Plan (new students) or Comprehensive Education Plan (enrolled students).

  • How can I receive another copy of my Assessment results?
    You may come to the Assessment Center during regular business hours and present your Photo ID to receive a printout of your results. You may also submit the Assessment Release Form to have your results sent to you or another institution.

Last updated: March 14, 2018