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AVC Student Services

EOPS/CARE: Orientation Information Packet

TYPING SERVICES - Typing services are available through our office for all EOPS/CARE students. If you would like to have your reports typed, there is a three-day minimum turn around for all typing assignments; that is, you can pick up your paper 3 business days after you bring it in for typing.  NOTE: Normal papers are 5 pages or less, typed.  We may need more time to type your paper if it is longer than 5 pages or if we have a lot papers in our office to be typed.  Please be considerate and give yourself and us enough time to complete your paper.  Also note that papers will be typed "as is".

TUTORING - Free TUTORING services are available at the Learning Center for all EOPS/CARE students.  You will need a student ID card to receive this service at the Learning Center.  We currently have Math and English tutoring in the  EOPS Office; see our office for details.

PRIORITY REGISTRATION (Important) - All EOPS/CARE students are sent notices from the college for their EOPS priority registration appointment dates and times.  Check your myAVC for your registration appointment.  Choose your classes early.  REMEMBER:  FEES ARE DUE BY 11:30 P.M. THE DAY YOU REGISTER.  You will be dropped for non-payment if you do not pay by then.  You will also be dropped if you do not pay the Student Health Fee, which is not covered by the BOG.

COUNSELING - All EOPS/CARE students are required to see an EOPS/CARE Counselor three (3) times per semester (every Fall and Spring).  Individualized counseling is available for your academic, vocational/career, and personal needs.  Counseling is done by appointment only with your assigned Counselor.  Important note: You will only be allowed to cancel/reschedule your counseling appointment ONCE!  After that, you are not be allowed to make it up, and you will be on probation.

CAMPUS VISITATIONS - UC and CSU campus visits are offered throughout the school year.  Some of the campuses we visit are UCSB, CSUN, UCLA, CSUB and CSULB.  See the Transfer Center for more information. 

PHOTOCOPYING - Photocopying services are available at our office for you as a student only.  We cannot make copies for your family members, friends, or classmates. We are not able to copy any books or anything with a binder.  You are allowed 10 copies per day.  NO EXCEPTIONS! 

FAXING – Must be approved by the Director; a maximum of 10 pages per day. 

GRANTS/BOOK GRANTS – (Are only given out if funds are available)

Depending on available dollars, each EOPS/CARE student may be eligible to receive an EOPS/CARE grant/book grant to supplement your federal/state financial aid funding. Your compliance with your Student Responsibility Agreement will determine your eligibility.

EOPS Probation 

EOPS Probation is designed to encourage and support students to remain in compliance with all program requirements as stated in the Student Responsibility Contract.  All students who are identified and placed on probation will be notified prior to the start of the semester.  Students on probation will have one semester to correct their status and be removed from probation through compliance with their Student Responsibility Contract.  If a student has not come off of probation, the Director and/or a Counselor can put a student on Services Only which would limit their services through the EOPS Program and could possibly be removed from the program. 

Students on probation may be required to meet other criteria to remain in the program.  The criteria will be established to support the student and will come by recommendation of the EOPS program staff.  

Last updated: June 1, 2017