Learning Center FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I go for tutoring for my AVC class?
    • The Learning Center offers six departments that have tutorial services. You would choose the department based on your tutoring needs:
    • General Tutoring
      • The General Tutoring Department offers tutoring in a wide range of classes and subjects. If you are having trouble with a specific topic or class, contact them and they will try to schedule you with a qualified and trained tutor. 
    • Math Center
      • If you are taking a Math class or need help with any math being used in a class (Physics, Econ, Business), you would want to see the Math Center.
    • Writing Center
      • If you wish to improve your writing skills or get help with an assignment that involves writing, please contact the Writing Center.
    • Reading Center
      • If you are having problems with the reading needed for your class, you will want to see the Reading Center.
    • Supplemental Instruction
      • If your class has Supplemental Instruction, there are regularly scheduled group study sessions held in the Learning Center each week. Contact the SI desk to find out if your class has SI and when and where the sessions are held.
      • What is Supplemental Instruction?
    • ESL Study Center
      • If you want help with an ESL class or with practicing your speaking skills, our ESL Study Center is ready to help you.
  • Where can I find tutoring for my child?
    • Unfortunately, we only offer tutoring for AVC students in the classes they are taking. If you need a tutor for your child, please contact our Job Placement Center to obtain a list of tutors you may hire. 
  • Where can I go to improve my study skills?
  • Where can I go for help with my math skills?
    • Visit the Math Center for additional information.
  • Where can I go for help with my reading skills?
  • Where can I go for help with my writing skills?
  • Where do I go to use a computer?
    • In order to use a computer in the Learning Center, you must be currently taking a class at AVC or trying to enroll in classes at AVC
    • If you need a computer to do homework or need to use a computer tutorial, you will want to visit the Computer and Media Department, commonly refered to as the Front Desk.
    • The Computer and Media Department has access to a wide range of computer and multimedia equipment for computer and media aided instruction and for word processing, 

      Please note: The Computer and Media Department does not carry any lab software for the Computer Graphics, Office Technology, Computer Applications, or Computer Information Science classes.
    • The Reading CenterMath CenterESL Study Center, and Writing Center all have computers for use by students receiving tutoring help in related classes. 

      Please contact the department you are intereseted in visiting to confirm the availability of computers. 
Last updated: August 19, 2015