General Tutoring Services

General Tutoring: Tutorial Services

The General Tutoring Program provides the following services:

  • Drop in tutoring for most business, computer science, science, social science, music, and vocational classes (availability of subjects vary by semester)
  • Subject-specific study skills tutoring
  • Test preparation workshops
  • Orientation to Learning Center services 

Tutors can help you improve your study skills and understand concepts. They can give you tips on time management, test preparation and how to use your learning style effectively.

Tutors are not able to help you correct your homework or paper. They can give you hints about possible problems but not correct them for you. They are not able to tell you what they think your grade will be or tell you what will be on the tests. The tutors are familiar with the specific material but not with each instructor. They are only able to help you with the material in the text or notes.

Last updated: February 12, 2019