Computer & Media Check-Out

Learning Center: Computer & Media

The Computer & Media section in  the Learning Center is an open area that gives AVC students access to computers. Students can check-out a computer or borrow headphones using their student ID.

For a fee, students can print and make copies in the Learning Center. In order to save their work students must bring a flash drive or use a cloud service.





  1. What software programs does the Learning Center have?

  2. Can I print and make copies at the Learning Center?


1. Software & Capabilities:

Internet Access

Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher

C&S Medical Education Software (select computers only)

Scanning (select computers only)



Programs Not Available:

Typing software

Accounting Software

Programming Software

CAD Software

GIS Software

Graphics Software

Instant Messengers

Video Editing Software


2. Printing and Copies:

Students can use the WĒPA print stations located in the Learning Center to print for a cost. They also have access to a cash operated copy machine. 



Copies: $0.15 per copy

Printing: $0.12 black and white | $0.35 color


Print Options:

1.    From any Learning Center Computer: After pressing print make sure to input your myAVC account information in the WĒPA window and select login.

2.    Using any internet enabled computer: Visit the WĒPA webpage at and upload your documents. Make sure to use your myAVC login information.

3.    From your mobile device: Download the WĒPA Print app and follow its directions.

4.    Directly to email: Email your attached document to and follow directions.

5.    From the cloud: Access your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Office 365 or OneDrive directly from the print station.

6.    Using your USB: Insert it USB drive into any WĒPA station. 


At the print station:

1.    Swipe your student ID or enter your myAVC username and password.

2.    Select the files you want printed from the list.

3.    Pay and print: campus card, WĒPA account, WĒPA print card and credit/debit card (PCI compliant) are all acceptable forms of payment.



NOTE: If you print as guest you will be unable to access your WĒPA account and therefore unable to use any free prints associated with your ASO sticker.

The ASO sticker and/or WĒPA print cards can be purchased at the Cashiers Office.

For more information on printing services please visit



Last updated: August 27, 2019