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Spring 2016 Hours

Mondays Wednesday and Thursdays

8:00 am - 4:30 pm


8:00 am - 7:00 pm


8:00 am-11:30 am

Learning Center: Computer & Media

The Computer and Media Check Out area schedules class use of the computer floor and assigns computers and video cassette players to students who wish to work on assignments or review tapes. This area also provides required orientations to the Learning Center computers, printers, and Internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions


Paid printing is available in the Learning Center. Price per print is as follows.

Single-sided: $0.12

Double-sided: $0.24

Singel-side color: $0.36

Double-sided color: $0.70



  • Log In and install " Print App" and upload documents from your personal computer
  • Upload documents at
  • Upload documents from your Apple® and Android® phone or tablet
  • Use a USB drive directly at the print station



  • Swipe campus card or tagged magnetic card to log in
  • Select files from your account
  • Pay and print: campus card, account, print card and credit/debit card (PCI compliant) are all acceptable forms of payment


The WEBA pring cards can be purchased at the Cashiers Office. There are several Weba print stations on campus: Learning Center, Library, and open BE computer labs.


Please refer to the following website to gain further information, .


    Do you charge for printing?

  • What programs are on the computers?

    The Computer and Media Checkout computers have a variety of programs on them, ranging from Miccrosoft Office to tutorial programs to web browsers. Sorry, but we do not permit students to install their own programs on these computers, nor do we install programs on student request.

    These are a few of the programs we have installed:

    • Microsoft Word 2010
    • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010
    • Microsoft Excel 2010
    • Microsoft Access 2010
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Educo
    • Passkey

    These are programs we do not have installed:

    • Typing software
    • Accounting Software
    • Programming Software
    • CAD Software
    • GIS Software
    • Graphics Software
    • Instant Messengers
    • Games




Last updated: April 28, 2016