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Writing Center: Services to Faculty

Writing Center Description (to copy and paste into your course syllabus)

The AVC Writing Center, located in the Learning Center (east side of the Lancaster campus, NW corner of the building), provides free services to help you improve your writing. These include one hour of face-to-face individual tutoring per week, online tutoring via NetTutor or SMARTHINKING (if available), workshops, small group sessions, handouts, instructional videos, computer software, and online materials. The Writing Center website has many features such as contact information, hours of operation, a description of services, handouts, interactive exercises, etc. Go to and click Student Services > Learning Center > Writing Center or telephone (661) 722-6300, extension 6228, for more information.  At the Palmdale Center, tutoring and workshops are held in the Tutoring and Learning Center, Room 137. A list of times when tutors and faculty learning specialists are present will be available soon. You can also telephone (661) 722-6300, ext. 6400 Option 4, for more information.

Writing Center Orientations

At the beginning of the semester, ask a Writing Center Learning Specialist (WCLS) to attend your class sessions to discuss Writing Center services and how they benefit students.  You can also bring your classes to the Learning Center to receive an orientation on-site, but be sure to arrange the visit with Michele Lathrop, ext. 6984, at least one week ahead of time. 

Classroom Workshops

Request that a WCLS visit your classrooms to provide in-class workshops on topics such as  planning and organizing essays, writing research papers, citing sources properly, avoiding plagiarism, etc.  Please provide the WCLS with a copy of your writing assignment ahead of time if you want the workshop to specifically address important parts of it.

Verification of Student Attendance

If you want proof that your students participated in Writing Center activities such as workshops and tutoring sessions, you can request a computer printout from Michele Lathrop, ext. 6984.

Sample Papers

Send us model papers of your assignments to show students a good example of an essay that responds to the expectations of your writing assignment. The students, in turn, can meet with tutors to discuss how to use their own ideas to complete the assignment.

Early Alert and Individual Learning Plans (faculty initiated)

If a student is having writing problems and is at risk for failing or dropping your class, you can use the Early Alert form found on the MyAVC faculty menu.  The WCLS will arrange a meeting with the student to evaluate his/her writing, diagnose writing deficiencies, and create an individual learning plan. The WCLS will schedule other meetings as necessary with the student to follow up on participation and progress and notify you at each stage.  You can also use the Learning Center Referral Form to send students to the WCLS.

Individual Consultations

A WCLS can help you design writing assignments and/or can review existing assignments for purpose and clarity.  English grading rubrics can be provided to you, or you can receive help to create your own rubric specific to your discipline.  You can also receive information on MLA or APA format if assigning  research paper assignments with these requirements.  Whatever need you have to improve your students’ writing, contact a WCLS.  



Professor Diane Flores-Kagan, Writing Center Learning Specialist          
Telephone:  661.722.6300, ext. 6018      


Office:  LC 109 (Lancaster campus) and SV3M-4 (Palmdale Center)

Wendy Rider, Writing Center Learning Specialist 

Telephone:  661.722.6300, ext. 2981   


Office:  LC 107 (adjunct; hours vary)

Last updated: March 1, 2018