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Library Tutorials: Catalog Tutorial Quiz

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Catalog Tutorial Quiz

  1. You may access the Library catalog directly from:
    1. The College home page
    2. The Library home page
    3. a and b

  2. The ____________________ page is the home page for the catalog.
    1. Course Reserves
    2. New Books
    3. Search Catalog

  3. Reserve materials can be found:
    1. Only at the Palmdale Center
    2. Only at the Lancaster campus Library
    3. a & b

  4. You are looking for a book. You know only one word in the title and the author’s last name. The best index for you to use would be:
    1. Title starts with
    2. Any word, anywhere
    3. Any word in subject

  5. In the description of the book record you can access streaming video in the _________ area.
    1. Web links
    2. Notes
    3. Imprint

  6. You want to find the status of a book. This information is in the __________________ section of the full record.
    1. Description
    2. Item information
    3. Copy/Holding Information

  7. When you search by "Any word in title" you are searching:
    1. The author and title fields of the record
    2. The title and contents fields of the record
    3. Only the title field of the record

  8. When you search by "Any word in subject" you are searching:
    1. The contents field
    2. The subject field
    3. The Library of Congress Subject Headings
    4. a & c
    5. b & c

  9. You would like to search using "Any word in subject", but you do not know the Library of Congress subject heading for your topic. You should:
    1. Use other keywords
    2. Ask a librarian for help
    3. Change your topic

  10. You would like to do a "Title starts with" search. You are searching:
    1. An alphabetical list of titles
    2. By keyword
    3. The Library of Congress subject headings

  11. When using "Title starts with" you may ignore "A", "An", and "The".
    1. True
    2. False

  12. The default sort method for catalog results is:
    1. Title
    2. Publication Date—Newest to Oldest
    3. Publication Date—Oldest to Newest

  13. A book you need is currently checked out. You can:
    1. Put a hold on it.
    2. Ask the circulation clerk to recall the book.
    3. Ask a reference librarian to recall the book.

  14. Which of the following can you NOT do from your account overview page?
    1. Check for any blocks on your account
    2. Pay fines online.
    3. Find out how many books you have checked out
    4. Change your address

  15. You can renew books online.
    1. True
    2. False

Last updated: August 24, 2015