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Library: EBSCOHost Tutorial Quiz

Library Tutorials: EBSCOHost Tutorial Quiz

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EBSCOHost Tutorial Quiz

  1. When I search EBSCOhost, I am searching:
    1. the Internet
    2. a subscription service
    3. the library online catalog

  2. Is EBSCOhost accessible off campus?
    1. Yes
    2. No

  3. The default page for EBSCOhost is:
    1. Advanced Search
    2. Basic Search
    3. Choose Database

  4. You are searching EBSCOhost for only scholarly (peer reviewed) journals. You need to:
    1. Look for the word "journal" in the title of the periodical
    2. Search the Internet
    3. Limit your results to scholarly (peer reviewed) journals.

  5. Your search returned 148,099 articles. You want only the most useful ones. You should:
    1. Scan through the first few pages for useful articles
    2. Sort the list by relevance
    3. Choose a different topic

  6. You are only interested in articles with images. You should:
    1. use the word "image" as a keyword.
    2. sort your results by relevance.
    3. Use the Image Quick limiter.

  7. Your search returned too many articles. You should:
    1. Change your topic.
    2. Use the Subject menu to narrow your search.
    3. Add another database to your search.

  8. You need to search EBSCOhost, but don’t have a computer. You do have an iPhone. You should:
    1. Call a friend to search for you.
    2. Download the EBSCOhost app and search from your iPhone.
    3. Wait until the Library is open.

  9. You need to save a search from your last search session for future use. You should:
    1. Click on the Sign In link on the EBSCOhost tool bar and create a MyEBSCOhost account to store the search.
    2. Copy down your search and try it again the next time you are at the Library.
    3. Create a new search because EBSCOhost cannot store your search.

  10. You only want to see articles that have full text. You should:
    1. Select full text limiter on the Basic Search page.
    2. Select only those articles that have full text from the result list.
    3. Do nothing. All articles in EBSCOhost are full text.

  11. The results list page has_______ columns.
    1. two
    2. three
    3. one

  12. The "Breadbox" will:
    1. Show the number of results for your search.
    2. Allow you to email an article to yourself.
    3. Show the search keywords you are using.
    4. Show you how to cite an article.
    5. a and c
    6. b and d

  13. You can narrow your search by using the "Subject: Thesaurus Term".
    1. True
    2. False

  14. You would like to send an article to your favorite social networking site. You should:
    1. Not bother. EBSCOhost doesn’t allow this.
    2. Click on the "Bookmark" icon on the full record page.
    3. Click on the "Save" icon on the full record page.

  15. If an article has a "Listen" icon you can download it as an MP3 file or listen to it read aloud.
    1. True
    2. False

  16. You can see the citation for an EBSCOhost article in MLA, APA or other citation styles by clicking on the__________ icon on the full record page:
    1. permalink
    2. cite
    3. download

  17. EBSCOhost articles must be cited in a special way because:
    1. They are longer than most articles.
    2. The authors of the articles require it.
    3. They are in electronic format.

Last updated: August 24, 2015