Become a Mentor (TBD)

STAR: Become a Mentor

The Antelope Valley College S.T.A.R. Mentoring Program needs you!

What is a mentor?

A teacher and advisor. Mentoring is the guided practice of teaching others the necessary skills to enhance the quality of learning and life-long coping strategies.


What does a mentor do?

Teach and advise you in areas where the mentor has expertise. Guide you to resources that can help you. Listen to your ideas and help you clarify your thoughts and goals. Provide testimony about your skills to others.


Why have a mentor?

The goal of the STAR Mentoring program is to help STAR students make a successful transition into college, or their chosen career field. Research suggests that mentoring programs can improve the academic performance and persistence of students. It has been determined that students who have a sense of belonging are more likely to stay in college and be successful. The STAR Mentoring Program is designed to create that sense of belonging and assist new STAR tudents to successfully adapt to the numerous academic, career, social and personal issues that accompany being a college student.


What is the STAR mentoring program?

This program is designed to help meet individual student needs through one-to-one relationships that offer guidance, information, encouragement and positive role-modeling. There will be faculty/staff, peer, and career mentor components to the program. The goal of the career and faculty/staff mentoring component will be to assist the student in getting more information about their interested career field, to assist with goal setting and entrance into their chosen field.


How are mentors and mentees matched?

Mentors and mentees are matched on the basis of self-reported common interests in careers, majors or life stages. All participants are provided with an orientation to the program and ongoing support to encourage strong, productive relationships.


What is the time commitment?

Mentors and Mentees will meet at a public site, a minimum of 3 times each term, and maintain phone or e-mail contact at least every 2 weeks throughout the term. Mentors will submit legible contact log notes for each contact with mentee at the end of each month.


Last updated: August 23, 2018