Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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Thursday, October 09, 2014.

Veterans Affairs Program

Veterans' Benefits Awareness Day

October 15 from 12-2pm in the Student Lounge

Get information about housing, counseling services, medical, and more.

Overseas Military Appreciation

October 15 from 2-4pm in the Student Lounge

Join us in making care packages and thank you cards for our
overseas military personnel!

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Veterans Affairs Program is to provide assistance through education, certification and guidance to military veterans and their dependents in achieving their educational objectives and to effectively promote the retention, graduation, and transfer of military veteran students and their dependents. 

Reminder: Be sure to register as close to the start of your registration time as possible.  Classes fill quickly during priority registration.

NEW!!! The AVC MILITARY CLUB has been approved by the ASO Committee. Please contact the Veterans Affairs Program Coordinator for details.  To join the club, login to your myAVC account, go to groups, search for Military Club and join the group. 

Veterans Affairs Program Forms


Veterans Affairs Program FAQs

  How do I contact the VA?
  What VA Education Benefits are available?
  How do I apply for VA benefits?
  What documents do I need to apply for benefits?
  How do I request Certification?
  Where can I find online resources related to VA benefits?
  What steps to I take to start school and collect VA benefits?
  When will I receive my first check/direct deposit?
  Am I eligible to apply for other financial aid?
  What are my priority registration rights as a veteran?
  What do I do if I have a service-connected disability rating?
  How do I apply for the veterans' fee waiver for my dependents?