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Honors Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)

Antelope Valley College's Honors Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) offers a highly enriching pathway for transfer students. The Honors TAP program is dedicated to catering to a diverse student body by providing unique opportunities for one-on-one collaboration through faculty-led Honors Options Projects. It also entails engaging learning experiences in Honors courses characterized by smaller class sizes (21 students max), enhanced student interaction, rigorous writing assignments, research activities, and the development of presentation skills.

Moreover, the Honors Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) provides students with the advantage of priority consideration for admission to numerous major universities within the state and nationally. Transfer agreements between Honors programs are facilitated by the Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC).

Open to all students at the college, Honors Courses and Options exemplify the program's commitment to equitable education. However, the program benefits are exclusively to accepted applicants. 




AVC Honors TAP Ambassadors

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What is an AVC Honors TAP Ambassador?

Honors Ambassadors are active, high achieving Honors Program scholars who volunteer promote the AVC Honors Program. 

As we know peer to peer interaction is most impactful, and the Honors Ambassadors return to the high schools they attended to share their experience and promote the benefits of being a transfer student through the AVC Honors Program.

I'd like an Honors Ambassador at my high school event! How do I request one?

Honors Ambassadors work alongside with AVC Outreach. Please complete the online request form at: https://www.avc.edu/community/outreach/k12tours 

I'm already in the Honors Program. How do I become an Honors TAP Ambassador?

Contact the Honors Program Coordinators. We look forward to your onboarding. 


Honors Corner:

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