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Priority Registration


Students who meet the CalWORKs program requirements are able to obtain priority registration.

  • CalWORKs is now one of the first groups to register for classes
  • By having priority, students have more access to classes and control over their schedules
  • With priority registration CalWORKs students can easily maintain the goals they set for themselves and the goals the County has set forth in their 2-year individualized educational plans

Book & Supply Request

Students who meet the CalWORKs program requirements are able to submit requestsfor the following:

  • Textbooks
  • Fees
  • School Supplies
  • Tools
  • Clothing
  • Graduation Cap and Gown

CalWORKs Counseling

  • Student Educational Plan – guiding students through each semester by aiding in choosing classes
  • Transfers – counselors review certificates, graduation and transfer requirements
  • Study Skills
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-Esteem
  • Referrals
  • Help decide on your major based on vocational assessment goals
  • Aid in career choices/changes based on vocational assessment goals


Work Study

Work Study provides students with several opportunities which include:

  • Work 20 hours per week without interrupting studies
  • Work a flexible schedule around class times
  • Work for money that does not count against a student's cash aid
  • Build skills for future jobs
  • Build a resumé while pursing a degree/certificate

CalWORKs Computer Lab

CalWORKs students have available a computer where they can do the following:

  • Study
  • Print assignments (up to 10 free prints each day!)
  • Fax documents
  • Copy documents


CalWORK's Scholarships & Grants

Scholarships: Student Voices

CalWORK's student voices is a memoir of success stories from current and former CalWORK's students used for advocacy, awareness, and outreach to demonstrate the positive impact of the Community College CalWORK's programs. While the publication is designed to allow students to share their experiences, it also provides 22 $500 scholarships for students. 

Grants: Misc. AVC CalWORK's Grants

AVC CalWORK's provides random grants when funds are available.