Student Services
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We are performing maintenance on our last file share, the My Documents share, and we are working to minimize the impact to you and your work schedule. We are changing the server that stores your My Documents files. These changes that need to be made require some action on your part between now and Friday, the 23rd. For updated information, you can also visit If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at We are always happy to help you.

Windows Users

If you use a Windows computer, your computer needs to be rebooted outside of working hours both Thursday morning, February 22nd, and Friday morning, February 23rd. We are configuring your computer to automatically reboot itself at 4AM if you leave it on. If you turn off your computer for either time, you will not need to do anything. This will configure your computer so when we do the actual server maintenance on Friday, Feb 23rd at 2PM, that you will not be impacted.

Mac Users

If you use a Mac computer and are accessing the My Documents folder, you will need to set it up to access the new server to continue using your My Documents folder. This can be done at any time, but must be done by Friday, February 23rd if you do not want an interruption using your networked folder.