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Distance Education and Technology Committee (DETC)

The Distance Education and Technology Committee is charged with developing guidelines for the delivery of distance education that will maximize student opportunities for success. The committee makes recommendations to the Academic Senate on issues related to distance education, examines distance education practices for the purpose of developing best practice guidelines, and acts as a resource for technical matters related to academic computing.

The Distance Education and Technology Committee's mission is two-fold: first, to assist in the planning and implementation of the Technology Mediated Instruction (TMI) used by instructors and staff in the preparation of educational materials; and second, to provide guidance and recommendation in the pedagogical development and technology in both traditional and distance education.

  • Reviews new and revised Distance Education courses as part of the AP&P course approval process
  • Address problems with academic computing, including course management system
  • Selects the course management system for the College
  • Works closely with the Academic Senate and IT Committee