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Embedded Tutors: Embedded tutors attend classes and interact with the students during the class session. Embedded tutors work best in classes that have higher amounts of vocal participation, group work, or more interactive activities, like labs, as they are encouraged to be active participants. Embedded tutors also have individual tutoring hours in the Learning Center, so students in your class can make individual or small group appointments (2-4 students).

Group Tutor Leads: Formerly called Supplemental Instruction (SI) leaders, group tutor leads are tutors who have received at least one full semester of training in the Learning Center. Group tutor leads attend classes, take notes, observe where students may be having difficulty with the material, and then plan 60- or 75-minute weekly group tutoring sessions. The group tutor lead will set this group tutoring schedule with your class during the first few weeks of the semester; group tutoring sessions typically begin Week 3 or 4.

Embedded tutors and group tutor leads are meant to be a supplement to instruction. They are not responsible for teaching any class material, nor are they able to grade coursework, as they are not Teaching Assistants.

Embedded tutors interact with students during class sessions by answering questions, encouraging more conversation and discussion in small groups, providing verbal feedback, and can provide valuable student insight and perspective into your course. Please communicate regularly with your embedded tutor, especially when you want them to address anything specific during class.

Group tutor leads observe during class where students may be struggling and plan weekly group tutoring sessions to address those areas of concern. Please communicate regularly with your group tutor lead, especially if you notice areas where students are struggling and have recommendations for their weekly group tutoring sessions.

It varies! The Learning Center works with the Job Placement Center and must adhere to their guidelines regarding hiring. The Learning Center also must determine the need and fit regarding prospective student workers. We encourage you to fill out the above form as soon as possible to fast-track the hiring process. Our typical response is that it takes at least 3 weeks.  

We always encourage students to meet with their embedded tutor, as that tutor has the most firsthand experience and knowledge of your classroom practices. If your student wants to meet with their embedded tutor, the embedded tutor is able to make a same-day or future appointment with your student by request. The student can also email or come to the front desk of the Learning Center and state that they want to meet with their assigned embedded tutor. The front desk will then create a same-day or future appointment with that embedded tutor. 

Main LC Email:  

Both [embedded tutors] have been a vital part of my students' learning in General Human Anatomy this semester. The students feel comfortable interacting with them and asking them questions and have commented to me how they appreciate both [embedded tutors] and how helpful they have been. - Melissa Berube, Biology Faculty

Many of the students have been successful because they spent time with the LC tutors. As the semester progressed, I could see the trust strengthen between the students and tutors in the classroom. [My embedded tutors and group tutor leads] work so hard and make every effort to be available to the students when they need the help. - Kathy Engelen, Math Faculty

I have used group tutor leads in my physics classes for years. The extra attention that the students receive has been greatly beneficial to them. Since their inclusion in my courses, I have witnessed an increase in retention and success rates. Furthermore, students have expressed to me that participating in group tutoring sessions has improved their confidence and desire to succeed. - Dr. Mark McGovern, Physics Faculty

Having an embedded tutor is another resource for students. A resource that will help your students better understand the material and be more successful in the course. - Harish Rao, Communication Studies Faculty

Just last week, I dropped into the Learning Center and two of my students were getting essay help from my embedded tutor. I think they are doing great! - Heidi Williams, English Faculty

[My embedded tutor] regularly reminds the students of their availability and makes a point to work with students and to provide support during class activities. I feel this is why so many of them feel comfortable seeking their support by making a tutoring appointment to see them outside of class. I cannot imagine not having an embedded tutor going forward. - Cole Wolf, Deaf Studies Faculty

Please contact regarding questions about hiring and scheduling.

Please contact Dr. Sarah Harano or Professor Wendy Rider for any questions regarding implementation into your courses. 

Please contact Dr. Sarah Harano or Professor Wendy Rider for any questions or concerns about your embedded tutor or group tutor lead throughout the semester.

There are many ways we would love to collaborate with you:

  • Hold your office hours here! You are welcome to use the open space to meet with students.
  • Host your class in our open space or in our computer lab at Sage Hall.
  • Let us come to your class to provide your students with an introduction to the Learning Center and the services we offer.
  • Add a short blurb about the Learning Center on your syllabus or in your Canvas shell.
  • Ask us to host a workshop for your students by filling out the form at the top of this page.
  • Attend Study Jam and earn FPD credit! We will have monthly Study Jam events from 5-9pm during the Fall 2024 semester.

Please reach out to to schedule your office hours or request a room so we can reserve your space. We can't wait to work with you and your students!