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Student Discipline

Students are expected to adhere to the Student Code of Conduct, which covers what is expected of students in regard to academic honesty,  behavior, computer use, substances and weapons, as well as Disciplinary Procedures to be followed if a student violates the code of conduct.

For more information please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.

Campus Discipline

The legal framework for campus discipline is the California Education Code (§76030-§76038)  and Antelope Valley College Board Policy (BP 5500).  A complete, online version of the California Education Code can be found here.  BP 5500 can be found here.

There are three essential keys to ensure that you are following California Education Code and Board policy.

  • Discuss your syllabus with all classes

  • Be fair and equitable when enforcing it

  • Don’t exceed the legal limits of your authority

Faculty/Staff Support

The Student Discipline support system includes:

  • Colleagues

  • Department Chairs

  • Department Deans

  • Disabled Student Services, Dr. Louis Lucero, ext. 6161

  • VP of Student Services

  • Campus Discipline Officer, Gary Roggenstein, ext. 6364

  • AVC Sheriff’s Department, ext. 6399

Faculty Classroom Management Tips:

  • Course Syllabus - Make certain that your course syllabus is aligned with Board policy, that it establishes behavioral expectations and provides reasonable consequences that align with the AVC Student Code of Conduct.

  • The legal test: What would a reasonable person do?

  • Create a classroom environment of respect...student to instructor, student to student, instructor to student

  • Progressive Discipline - Behavior interventions and consequences that increase in severity if the behavior is not corrected.  The goal is instructional and restorative.

  • Speak with your colleagues and Dean, seek advice

  • Do not mention your concern or suspicion of weapon, drugs, or alcohol in class to students, inconspicuously contact the Sheriff’s Department to come and conduct a search or analysis

  • Do not search a student or their belongings

  • Do not grab anything from a student, ask them to give it to you and if they refuse, follow your discipline procedures for student defiance

  • Do not put yourself or students in harm’s way

Document all student misconduct for future reference.  Keep it professional as it could be subpoenaed by the courts.




Academic Honesty Policy -- Plagiarism and Cheating

Follow District policy and your course syllabus.  An instructor may give a student a grade of “F”, or the numerical equivalent, for the assignment or examination only.  You cannot drop the student from class or fail them from the class for a single violation of the Academic Honesty Policy.  

For detailed information on Antelope Valley College’s Academic Honesty Policy and plagiarism, please click here.

To submit a report for a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy, please:





Student Discipline - "What to do?"

  • Speak with the student privately, if possible, to warn them of unacceptable behavior and possible consequences

  • Tell the student to leave the classroom, if necessary

  • Suspend the student for up to two class sessions, if necessary

  • Refer student to Sr. Administrative Assistant of Vice President of Student Services Office - x6303

  • Contact AVC Sheriff’s Department, ext. 6399 (in cases of extreme defiance or disrespect of authority, major classroom or campus disturbance, destruction of school or personal property, theft, robbery or extortion, suspicion of a student being in possession or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, possession of a weapon, threat of assault or battery on a student or staff, assault or battery on a student or staff, sexual harassment, sexual battery or rape, racial discrimination or comments that are insensitive or inflammatory, hate crimes, commission of criminal activity or a report of any such behaviors by another student or staff member)

To submit a report for violation of the Student Code of Conduct for discipline, please:





Behavioral Intervention Team/CARE 

The Behavioral Intervention Team is dedicated to a proactive, coordinated and planned approach to the identification, prevention, assessment, management, and reduction of interpersonal and behavioral threats to the safety and well-being of Antelope Valley College students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Please refer to the Behavioral Intervention Team page “When to make a Report” for information regarding red flags.

To submit a report for the Behavioral Intervention Team, please: