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About AVC: AVC Philosophy, Vision, Mission, and Values


Antelope Valley College is a comprehensive community college in the California Community College System dedicated to providing services to a broad range of students with a variety of educational goals. Antelope Valley College is dedicated to providing educational programs and services as expressed in the California Master Plan for Higher Education. The College is committed to equal educational opportunity and reinforces that commitment through a program of active affirmation of diversity.

Antelope Valley College is dedicated to meeting the dynamic needs of a changing community. The College addresses the educational needs of a diverse and evolving population. The College recognizes that it is uniquely capable of responding to the requirements of regional business, industry, and public service, as well as the social and cultural needs of the Antelope Valley.

Antelope Valley College affirms the rights of the individual and respects human dignity. The programs and activities of the College foster the individual's ability to think clearly, critically, and independently to meet the demands of an increasingly complex society. The student is the primary concern of the College. The curriculum, activities, and services of the College help students understand their physical, cultural, ethnic, and social environment. The preservation of academic freedom provides a college environment in which students and faculty can examine ideas freely.

This philosophy is reflected in the curriculum, the student-faculty relation-ships, the services and resources, and the policies of the College.


To provide quality education that transforms lives

Mission Statement

Antelope Valley College, a public institution of higher education, provides a quality, comprehensive education to a diverse population of learners. We are committed to student success offering value and opportunity, in service to our community.

We offer:

Associate Degree Programs

Associate degree programs comprised of general education courses, proficiency requirements, designated courses in a specific major or area of emphasis. Associate degrees provide students with “the ability to think and to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing; to use mathematics; to understand the modes of inquiry of the major disciplines; to be aware of other cultures and times; to achieve insights gained through experience in thinking about ethical problems; and to develop the capacity for self-understanding.”

Baccalaureate Degree Program

The Baccalaureate Degree Program in Airframe Manufacturing Technology is designed to respond to the growing demand in the aerospace and associated industries with a curriculum that addresses airframe manufacturing, aircraft fabrication (structures and composites), avionics, and electronics, as well as upper division general education courses. This degree provides students with the ability to understand, perform, and serve as first-line leads in the major processes of manufacturing the structural components of aircraft for civilian and military specifications and other related industries.

Career Technical Programs

Certificate and degree programs comprised of “essential career technical instruction” in a variety of business, technical, and occupational courses designed to enhance students’ knowledge and skills leading to employment, career advancement, certification, and state or federal licensure. We award both Chancellor’s Office approved Certificates of Achievement and locally approved Certificates of Proficiency.

Transfer/General Education Courses

Transfer/general education courses in communication and critical thinking, the physical and biological sciences, arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and technical education. Completion of these courses allows students to fulfill degree requirements or enroll in upper division courses and programs at accredited four-year institutions through our articulation agreements.

Basic Skills Courses

Basic skills courses in reading, writing, mathematics, English as a Second Language, and learning and study skills. These courses offer students essential foundation skills that are necessary for success in college-level degree applicable courses.

Student Support and Instructional Support

A variety of services in academic, career, and personal counseling, in library instruction and course support, in learning assistance. These services support the needs of students in pursuing and achieving their educational goals.

Workforce Preparation and Economic Development

Workforce programs, job preparation courses (non-degree applicable) and a variety of services that contribute to the educational and economic well being of the community.

Personal Enrichment and Professional Development

Community service offerings, non-credit, not-for-credit classes and services that develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for students to be effective members of the community. These classes enhance the community’s social, cultural, and economic well being. Non-credit course offerings may lead to a Certificate of Completion and/or Certificate of Competency.


Community- We create and foster relationships through inclusivity at AVC and among its diverse constituents: students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and the community at large.

Academic Excellence - We embrace the potential of all students, and we strive to uphold a transformative standard of academic excellence in their pursuit of certificates, degrees, transfer, and lifelong learning, as well as ongoing professional development for all employees.

Integrity – We create an environment of trust, candor, empathy, and professionalism and expect ethical behavior from all.

Respect – We cultivate, embrace, nurture, and empower all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, age, sexual orientation, class status, or religious belief.


  • Students and learning are primary in decision making.
  • Mutual respect and courtesy is the basis of our relationships.
  • Professional standards, collaboration and teamwork are demonstrated.
  • Innovation, accomplishments and creativity are recognized and rewarded.
  • Open access to educational programs is provided to meet student needs.
  • Safe physical environment and a secure infrastructure improves and supports student success and learning.
  • Stewards of the college place service to the institution and community above self-interest.
  • We strive to enhance the visibility of the Antelope Valley Community College District.
  • We recognize that people make up the college and value them as individuals.