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I purchased a parking pass on-line and do not need it.  How would I go about getting a refund?

Parking Fee & Refund Policy

A parking permit is required to park a vehicle anywhere on campus. A permit can be purchased in combination with the Associated Student Organization card for a total of $28.00 (equals to $1.75 a week for 16 weeks). Parking permits for the summer session are $21.00 (equals to $1.75 a week for 12 weeks).

In lieu of a semester permit, students may purchase daily permits from dispensers located in parking lots ($1 - exact change only) and online at https://mycampuspermit.com/avc.html ($1.28) . Daily permits are good only on the day they are purchased. Parking without a permit or with a permit improperly displayed may result in a $33.00 parking citation.

Parking Fee Refunds

Only a student who withdraws from all courses may request a partial refund for a parking permit (daily parking permits are nonrefundable). Students who want a refund must:

  1. Return permit to Cashier’s Office during the first two weeks for regular semesters and the first week during summer sessions.
  2. Students must fill out a parking permit refund request.

All refunds will be mailed to address on file. There will be no cash refunds.

I ordered my parking pass on-line but I haven’t received it.  How would I go about getting it?

All parking permits purchases are activated immediately.  All online permits will require you to register your license plate.  If you are unable to print your temporary permit or daily permit, you will not be ticketed, as long as a permit has been purchased with a valid license plate, and there are no other violations.  

If you have not received your physical permit please make sure that your address was correct.  If it is returned it will be sent to AVC, to the attention of the Cashier's Office.  You can reach out to the cashier's office at 661-722-6335.

My parking pass got lost/stolen/damaged, how would I go about getting a replacement?

Lost, stolen, or misplaced permits will not be replaced. Parking permits, after purchase, are solely the responsibility of the student.  All parking permits purchased online are activated immediately.

I have a question that is not on this list, who do I contact?

You can contact the cashier’s office at (661) 722-6335