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Welcome to the Office of Student Equity!

About Student Equity

The Office of Student Equity recognizes that some students face additional barriers to accessing higher education than others due to systemic and structural inequities.  We aim to address these barriers by offering cross-cultural programming and events that provide enriching opportunities to enhance literary knowledge, tolerance, historical empathy, and critical thinking and allocate resources for the campus community to create a more equitable and inclusive institution.  Our goal is to engage, connect, and value every student at AVC and support their success in pursuing their educational goals. 


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Phone: 661.722.6300 ext. 6375


Meet the Student Equity Team 


Dr. Jennifer Zellet

Superintendent/President - AVC



Alberto Mendoza González Larreynaga

Interim Director of Equity


Phone: x 6960

Crystal Garcia

Program Specialist


Phone: x 6844

Golden Hicks

Program Specialist 


Phone: x 6787


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Student Equity Plans

The following documents support the college planning processes related to the Student Equity Plan.