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Health Services



The mission of Student Health Service is to provide health care and education to students in support of their well-being so they may attain their educational goals, and to serve as a health and medical resource for the campus community. The Student Health Services will provide medical, dental, vision and mental health services for students who are enrolled and attending classes. In promoting wellness, both physical and emotional, students are encouraged to choose positive lifestyles. 


Services Provided

Vouchers are provided for Medical Emergencies and to be requested upon need. To obtain a Voucher send an Email to Student Health prior to scheduling an appointment or walk ins. Students with Medical insurance are encouraged to use coverage prior to utilizing the voucher system.

Voucher System

  • Dental Services by ValleyWide Dental
  • Vision Service by Wallis Family Eyecare
  • In Person Medical Services by Summit Urgent Care

Student Health Office, SSV 187

  • Over the Counter Medication 
  • Pregnancy and Covid-19 tests
  • Band Aids
  • Ice Packs
  • Feminine Products


Access to 24/7 medical and mental health support for all Antelope Valley College Students.

Virtual Mental Health and Medical Health Care by TimelyCare

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SSV 187