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Suicide Prevention

Effective suicide prevention starts with you. Learning about the warning signs of suicide and reaching out may help you save a life - your own or someone else's. 

To learn more on how to help someone who is having suicidal thoughts, utilize this article for more information. Remember, always listen to what people have to say and take them seriously.

If you or someone who know if in immediate crisis, call the suicide hotline (988) or emergency services (911).


Suicidal thinking doesn't get better on its own - so get help. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, these are ways you can get help:

  • Call a suicide hotline (988)
  • Reach out to a close friend or loved one - even though it may be hard to talk about your feelings
  • Contact a minister, spiritual leader or someone in your faith community
  • Make an appointment with your doctor, other health care provider or mental health provider to speak with a professional. 


Suicide Warning Signs