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Student Life and Services: Student Lounge

The Student Lounge is open to all currently enrolled students. Students can enjoy charging stations for their electronic devices, as well as a place for games, socializing, and studying. The Student Lounge is located across the hallway from the Barnes and Noble College Bookstore in the Student Center (SCT). Students will have their AVC Student ID card scanned upon entering.

Hours of operation are TBD.

We ask that students be respectful of others while in the Student Lounge.

  • No Loud Talking
  • No Profanity
  • No Laying/Sleeping on the furniture
  • Food/Snack/Beverages will be consumed at the tables
  • Feet will remain off the upholstery
  • The Student Lounge is for current students, not children 

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a referral to a campus official.

For more information please refer to the Student Code of Conduct.