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Budget Committee Representatives

Hal Huntsman, Co-Chair

Co-Chair, VACANT

Dang Huynh 

Gem DeJesus

Suzanne Olson

Angela Musial

Ben Partee

LaDonna Trimble


Marvin Guzman

Karen Heinzman

Jim Firth

Daniel Conner

Kevin North

Stacey Adams

Andrea Brown

Pamela Ford

Kent Moser

Jennifer Zellet

Shaminder Brar

Kathy Bakhit

Idania Padron

Lauren Elan Helsper

Academic Senate President or Designee 


Adjunct Faculty Representative

ASO Representative

Classified Representative

CMS Representative

Interim Dean of Athletics & Kinesiology 

Dean of Student Services

Enrollment Management Committee


Faculty Representative

Human Resources

Information Technology Committee

Outcomes Committee

Program Review Committee

First Year/Second Year Experience

Classified Union

Faculty Union 

Superintendent, President, Ex-Officio

VP, Administrative Services, Ex-Officio

VP, Academic Affairs, Ex-Officio

VP, Student Services, Ex-Officio

VP, Human Resources, Ex-Officio