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Services: Parking and Traffic Enforcement

Daily Parking Permits

Daily permits can be purchased online or at the (8) permit dispenser machines located in the parking lots.

Location of permit dispensers:

  • Lot A2 (by Discovery Lab)
  • Lot B1 (by CSUB, ADA)
  • Lot C1
  • Lot C2 (by Mesquite Hall, ADA)
  • Lot D2 (by Student Center)
  • Lot E1 (by Marauder Stadium, ADA)
  • Lot E3 (by Fine Arts/Lecture Hall, ADA)
  • Lot E5 (by Softball Stadium)

Daily permits purchased at one of the dispensers are only good for that day of purchase and become expired at midnight of the day purchased. ($1.00 exact change)

The daily permit may be on the dashboard either on the right or the left side, as long as the permit number is clearly visible with the date and time of purchase clearly visible.

Parking permits must be displayed anytime a vehicle is parked and unattended. Permits are required Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 12:00 midnight, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays, and no permits are required on Sundays.


Semester Parking

Semester permits are purchased online through your MyAVC account or by clicking here. Semester permits are valid from the time of purchase until midnight on the last day of the semester.

Semester parking permits are activated immediately with a valid license plate.  A permit will also be mailed that you can static-cling to your front window (passenger side).

Parking permits must be valid anytime a vehicle is parked and unattended. Permits are required Monday through Friday and Saturdays, no permits are required on Sundays.


Guest Parking Permits

A Guest permit is issued by a Department head or administrative section. The Guest permit must have a date, time, name of guest, and issuing agent. In the event all of the above listed information is not on the guest permit, a citation may be issued. Any change to a temporary permit, however slight, may result in a citation being issued.


Employee Parking

West Side Parking Lot #D1

This parking lot is restricted at all times to employee vehicles displaying the white employees permit only. Only authorized employees and their guests of this institution may utilize this parking lot at any time.


Parking Permit Grace Period

A two week “grace period” is allowed for Fall and Spring semesters. A one week “grace period" is in place for summer. The grace starts the first day of the Antelope Valley College term (not CSUB, AVUHSD or other programs that may be on a different academic calendar).  The grace period only applies to the use of daily and semester parking permits for general parking. Handicapped parking (including the misuse of handicap placards), staff parking, visitor parking and red zone violations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year around. After the grace period, general parking permits are required Monday through Friday, 8 am to midnight, 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. No permits are required on Sundays.


Red Curb Violations

A red curb violation occurs whenever a vehicle stops at the curb, not just when the vehicle is parked at the curb. The law is very specific, as the red curb indicates there is no stopping, standing or parking whether the vehicle is attended or unattended. Contact does not have to be made with the driver of the vehicle to issue a citation for the red curb violation. In the event a violation occurs, the officer simply writes the citation and violator is notified via mail. Just because a violator leaves does not mean the citation is not valid.


White Reserved Staff Zone Violations

To park in a white reserved staff space, a vehicle must display an employee parking permit. Only an authorized employee of this institution is authorized to utilize reserved staff parking stalls. Family members using the employee permits are not authorized to park in the reserved spaces and may be cited for the offense. Security and sheriff spaces are strictly forbidden at any time.


Traffic Violations

The Antelope Valley College safety and security department enforces all state, city and local laws including the California Vehicle Codes.


Citation Payments, Payment Plans and Appeals

Citations may be paid online at Payment plans are available for individuals with citations totaling over $200. Citations not paid on time are sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles for collection and are held against the vehicle until paid.

Appeals can also be filed at The appeals form must be filled out and submitted no later than 21 days following the citation issue date. An Investigative Review will be conducted and a determination shall be given on whether the citation will be upheld or not.