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Complete the proper form, print, acquire the necessary signature approvals and submit via the FS Work Request System.


Reserve a District Vehicle

Submit a district FV&GCR form and submit via the FS Work Request System.  Signature approvals on the Trip Request form are completed through the Business office. Due to limited availability of district vehicles it is recommended that your request be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the date of the trip. If you have questions, or require additional information, contact the Interim Supervisor of FS Campus Events, Transportation & Operations, Mike Harris, via email at Mike.Harris@avc.edu

Request an Alteration or Improvement to a Facility

A FAIR form is required by Facilities Services for the following services:

  • Cost estimate for altering or improving a facility.
  • Relocation or rearrangement of personnel and/or furnishings.
  • Relocation of equipment that requires installation and/or utilities.
  • Installation of new utilities to support new requirements.
  • Interior upgrades including flooring, paint and window coverings not scheduled for renovation.
  • New or upgraded furnishings and signage. (Note: Instructional furniture and equipment is funded by Academic Affairs)
  • Structural upgrades such as relocation or removal of walls and doors.

A FAIR will initiate the process for defining the scope of the work, application of district standards, cost estimating, approval of funding source, processing requisitions and contracts, and management of required activities to completion.
Request Access to a District Facility

The FAR form is required by Facilities Services for adding or removing access to a district facility for a specific individual. Depending on the area, access will be provided with a key or with an ID/Proximity card. Keys are provided for standard door locks and padlocks. An ID/Proximity card is a programmed access credential for doors on the electronic lock system. Significant responsibility is accepted by any individual who is granted access to district facilities. Please read the governing AVCCD administrative policy for access:

For accountability purposes, the requestor and the requestor’s Dean/Director/Administrator must sign the FAR. The FAR form is submitted via the FS Work Request System.
Prior to submitting a request, an employee must obtain their ID/Proximity card at the Student Development office, located in the Student Services Building. Be sure to notify the service attendant that you are an AVC employee when obtaining your ID/Proximity card. The number located on the back of the ID/Proximity card will be required before any access can be provided.

Request Use of a District Facility

Request forms for use of district facilities are required for the proper application of the state Civic Center Act which provides direction for the allowed use of public facilities. The requested information allows AVC Campus Events staff to properly schedule and plan for events on campus for college and public entities.

Submit a Facilities Work Request


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