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Duplication Process, Procedures & Forms

The Duplication Center is happy to process Requester's duplication requests electronically or manually.  Below please find the processes and procedures for both methods, along with the necessary forms required:
Electronic Method:
Requesters should send an email to 2 business days before copy job should be completed.  For quality assurance, Requesters should include a pdf copy of the filled out Duplication Request Form, or, alternatively, provide the following information in the body of his/her email request:

  • Date and time needed by (customarily, 1-2 day turnaround; however, if urgent, please contact one of the Duplication/Mailroom Technicians at ext. 6106 or 6067 to make special arrangements);
  • Number of copies;
  • Is copy request copyright protected?  If yes, Requester must confirm in his/her email that he/she has received the appropriate copyright permission from the publisher prior to submitting the request for duplication;
  • Color of paper (White, Gray, Blue, Almond, Pink, Green, Tan, Goldenrod or Yellow);
  • Single-sided or double-sided (we recommend double-sided to reduce paper usage);
  • Collated and/or stapled;
  • If grant funded, what is the department name; and
  • Any special instructions.

Manual Method:
Requesters simply need to fill out a Duplication Request Form and submit it to the Duplication Room located in the BE Building 2 business days prior to when copy job should be completed.  If request is urgent, please contact one of the Duplication/Mailroom Technicians at ext. 6106 or 6067 to make special arrangements. 

For items involving the AVC Logo or that impact the image of the District, Requesters must also fill out a Publication Approval Form for review by the Public Relations Office. Printing projects covered by this form include, but are not limited to:

  • Posters and flyers
  • Brochures
  • Programs for Performances/Events
  • Bulk  Mailings
  • Official Publications and Forms

A copy of the approved Publication Approval Form must be attached to the Duplication Request Form or scanned in as part of Requester’s email (if electronic request submitted).

Palmdale Requests:

  • Duplication requests to the Palmdale Center are delivered on Tuesdays and Thursdays only.  Requesters are able to pick up duplication requests at the Lancaster site as preferred.