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EduNav: Course Navigation System

EduNav is a dynamic course planning tool that helps you navigate your degree the way a GPS system would help you navigate roads in a city. Like a GPS, EduNav automatically adjusts your plan forward as you make progress toward your destination and alerts you to changes that will impact the time to your goal.

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EduNav is a course planning tool for undergraduates. It helps you navigate you degree the same way GPS navigates roads. It maps out pathways to your degree completion and shows you the course sequences to that destination. It keeps you aware of significant changes in the road ahead and helps you plan the path forward. Like a GPS, it adjusts with your progress – so the plan will change as you progress through your degree.

Works With Advising

EduNav helps you have informed conversations with your Academic Advisor and plan for the path ahead. Like any journey, you should both check your plan and to talk it through with someone who can give informed advice on the path ahead. 

Ask Questions

If you have questions about using the tool, please visit Using Edunav.

If you have concerns with your degree map and courses, talk to your Academic Advisor and explore what options are available to address your situation.