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Guided Pathways for Students (GPS)

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways offers a highly structured framework to promote student success.  Its goal is to provide all students with clear course plans (pathways), to aid in better enrollment decisions. Guided Pathways also integrates support services to make it easier for students to get the help they need for their experience here at Antelope Valley College.

What are "pathways"?

Pathways are individualized term-by-term plans that map out the sequence of courses a student needs to successfully complete a certificate, degree, transfer or enter the workforce.  Many of our programs already have suggested plans of study listed on the program sheets for each discipline, but a student's "pathway" will be more specific.  It will be a plan that students may opt out of by speaking with a counselor, but will be recommended to them by default based on what goal(s) they are attempting to achieve. Students who do not have a clear idea of what they wish to study, will be provided a selection of broad-based study options (meta-majors).  It is very similar to what our hard-working counselors already provide the students that reach out to them, but will also help guide students who do not necessarily take the time to meet with counselors.

What are "meta-majors"?

Meta-majors are umbrella academic programs that are grouped together by common and related courses or occupations.  The hope of meta-majors is to avoid the intimidation many incoming and/or confused students experience looking at a long list of possible majors from which to choose.  Many colleges are defining 5-10 meta-majors to help students narrow down their enrollment decisions early in their academic careers, if they are undecided at the time of application.