Technical Training

AVC Technical Training offers extensive formal and informal training opportunities and materials for employees and students to help orient themselves to information technology services and campus-wide technologies to increase their effectiveness in using campus resources.

To the right are links leading to training materials about various software and websites used here at Antelope Valley College. The videos provided here are hosted on YouTube. To view them full screen click on the full screen icon in the lower right of the video once you have started playback. YouTube Fullscreen Button


The Technical Trainer annually provides Faculty Professional Development presentations covering topics such as Learning Management Systems, myAVC, and Google Services. Other topics may include Shoretel Phone Systems, Microsoft Office and Best Practices for Computer Use.  Individual appointments and department training are available.

In addition to in-person training opportunities, the Technical Training department provides other types of learning resources including online tutorials, reference guides and self-paced materials to enhance understanding of the information technology and telecommunications resources available at AVC.

Technical Training is an important function of Information Technology Services, filling in the gap between providing technology resources and enhancing employee productivity through technology application. Future technology introduction is greatly enhanced by Technical Training. Technical Training resources are continuously being developed to assist with new technology challenges.

Last updated: September 10, 2019