AP & P: Representatives

Contact information can be found at http://www.avc.edu/information/directory/

Co-chairs Rep
V.P. Academic Affairs Dr. Bonnie Suderman
Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty Dr. Darcy Wiewall
Academic Senate Appointed Faculty Rep
Articulation Officer Ms. Jessica Eaton
Counseling/Student Services Mr. Luis Echeverria
Arts and Humanities Ms. Cindy Littlefield
Arts and Humanities Mr. Terrence Rezek
Career Technical Education Mr. Tim Sturm
Career Technical Education Ms. Deborah Sullivan-Ford
Health and Safety Sciences Ms. Bonnie Curry
Health and Safety Sciences Mr. Michael Hutchison
Math, Science, and Engineering Mr. Tooraj Gordi
Math, Science, and Engineering Mr. Mark McGovern
Rhetoric and Literacy Ms. Jeffrie Ahmad
Rhetoric and Literacy Dr. Richie Neil Hao
Social and Behavioral Sciences Dr. Ibrahim Ganley
Social and Behavioral Sciences Dr. Irit Gat
Library / Instructional Resources Mr. Scott Lee
Associated Student Body Voting Vacant
Associated Student Body Non-Voting Vacant
Areas Admin Rep
Student Services Dean Ms. LaDonna Trimble
Academic Dean Ms. Riley Dwyer
Career/Technical Dean Dr. Les Uhazy
Support Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs Specialist Mr. Kyle Jacobsen
Academic Affairs Specialist Mrs. Melissa Jauregui


Last updated: April 11, 2018