About the Honors Program: 

The Honors Transfer Alliance Program offers the opportunity for priority admission to many major universities throughout the state. A seminar-like atmosphere stems from the small class size (maximum of 21), leading to lively discussions between students and professors.

Students are encouraged to work closely with faculty to pursue creative and/or independent projects. The program also stresses writing, research and critical thinking skills. The course offerings are designed to facilitate transfer to a four-year university. We offer the services of 6 Honors Counselors to assist students in planning their courses.

Honors Coordinators:

Professor Vejea Jennings

    661-722-6300, ext. 6710 - vjennings@avc.edu - OF3 164

Asst. Professor Tamira Palmetto DeSpain

    661-722-6300, ext. 6724 - tpalmetto@avc.edu - T100F

Honors Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are honors classes more difficult?
    Students actually tell us they believe honors classes are better rather than harder- they are more fulfilling because of the close interaction among faculty and students.

  • Will my grade point average go down if I take honors classes?
    The opportunities for writing, for discussion, for help and feedback can make it easier to do well. And as your writing, research, and thinking skills improve, you'll see the benefits in your other classes as well.

  • What other advantages are there to being a member of the Honors Program?
    See the benefits page for more information.

Honors Awards

Visit the Awards page for more award listings.

Honors Program Guidelines: 

  • Maintain a 3.25 GPA (without earning under a ā€œCā€ in any honors course)

  • Enroll in at least one honors course/option per semester (fall/spring)

    • 6 total Honors courses required for Honors Scholar designation

    • 3 of the 6 Honors courses must be actual Honors Courses, offered in the regular schedule

  • Make appointments with an Honors counselor each semester (fall/spring)

  • Complete the requirements of any honors option contract and deadlines




Honors Recruitment Meetings

If you are currently a high school student, please bring a copy of your high school transcript to the recruitment meeting. 

Honors Recruitment Meetings for Fall 2019: 

9/9 @ 2:30 pm in SSV 173

9/10 @ 3:30 pm in BE 243

9/17 @ 3:45 pm in BE 243

9/27 @ 12 pm in BE 243

10/1 @ 3:45 pm in BE 243


Important Dates

The Honors program has rolling admissions, which means students can join anytime; however, completed Honors applications must be received by the following dates for priority registration for the following terms:

For Intersession/ Spring 2020 registration: 

* There will be one registration date for both terms.

* The intersession and spring 2020 schedules will be available online TBD.

* Registration appointments available to view in myAVC account (under the Register & Pay tab).

* Priority registration begins TBD. 


Graduation and Transfer 2020

Congratulations on the completion of another successful semester at AVC! For those of you who are planning to graduate in Spring 2020, please make sure you apply for graduation.
Graduation Evaluation Office:
Online Graduation Application


Honors Convocation 2020
The Honors Convocation will be held Friday, May 8th in the Performing Art Theater.  

The Honors Convocation is an event to formally recognize our Honors student who will both be graduating AVC and completing the Honors Program at AVC (6 Honors classes, 3 of which are actual Honors classes). If you are planning to graduate and complete the Honors Program this spring, please contact Tamira Palmetto Despain at tpalmetto@avc.edu

The event will be from 8 -10 am, with check-in starting at 7:30 am. Family and friends are encouraged to attend. 


Last updated: September 5, 2019