Office for Students With Disabilities

Office for Students With Disabilities

Program Description 

The OSD program provides support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so that they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experience as their non-disabled peers. An Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) is developed for each student which links student’s goals, curriculum program, and academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services and/or instruction to his/her disability related educational limitation.

Eligibility Criteria

The specific disability must be verified, and there must be an educational limitation that precludes the student from fully participating in general education without additional specialized services.


Apply Online

Apply to OSD to receive disability related services in 3 steps.

1.        Fill out OSD online application at:

   You must have a valid AVC student ID number and AVC e-mail. 

2.       Upload your disability verification, such as an Individual Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, Veterans Administration disability rating, a physician or a mental health professional diagnosis.        

 If you need a disability release form and our OSD disability verification form to take to your physician or mental health professional you can download it here:  Release and Verification Form revised 8-28-18.pdf

3.       The OSD Director or a Disability Services Specialist will review your OSD online application and disability verification and will call you to set up an intake appointment.

If you need any assistance with the application or uploading of documents you can call OSD staff at (661) 722-6360, (voice/relay) or visit the office located at T100.  Staff will be glad to help.    

The Office for Students With Disabilities encourages students to be as independent and self-reliant as possible. We work closely with each student to assess their needs and provide those support services and accommodations that directly address a student's functional limitations as a result of their disability.



The mission of the Office for Students With Disabilities (OSD) Program is to provide students with disabilities equal access to education by offering quality support services that directly relate to a student’s limitations as a result of their disability. The OSD Program assists students with their understanding and acceptance of their limitations as a result of their disability and also promotes and fosters independence by teaching students to articulate their needs to AVC instructors and staff. Moreover the OSD Program is committed to the academic success and personal growth of all students with disabilities at AVC.

All documents on this page are in PDF format.

OSD Information

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My student is accommodated for testing accommodations. So, I asked my student for the Test Accommodation Form before sending my exam to the OSD office. Is this the correct procedure?
    • Yes. Students need to give their Instructors Test Accommodation forms for each exam they want to exercise their accommodation of extended time. They are required to provide the Test Accommodation form to their Instructors at least 7 days in advance, but getting them all early is a great idea too. The only time students do not need to provide a Test Accommodation form, to their Instructor, would be in the case of online exams and quizzes. You would just extend the exam/quiz time in Canvas, no form is required.
  • Could you please verify the email address and contact person for the testing location on the Lancaster campus?
    • Instructors should send all exams (and proctoring instructions) to: OSDEXAMS@AVC.EDU. The exam will go to all OSD Faculty and Staff; the exam will be printed along with your proctoring instructions and prepared for the student. 
    • The OSD Clerical III is Mari-Ali Belton. She can be reached at ext. 6817, or by email at
  • How do I get my exams proctored at the Palmdale Center?
    • Please coordinate exam proctoring in Palmdale with Keina Young or Jose Blanco.
    • Keina Young: kyoung27 or ext. 6412
    • Jose Blanco; or ext. 6207
  • My student has an accommodation that allows them to use a 3x5 card on exams. Am I allowed to review this card prior to the exam? I do not allow other students to use any notes during exams, and this accommodation makes me uncomfortable.
    • The 3x5 card for exam accommodation is provided by OSD. The 3x5 card for exams is supposed to serve as a memory prompt only, not a complete set of notes. It is usually specified to be single-sided (though in some cases it is double-sided), the print should be large enough for the student to read (no magnifying glass or enhancement can be used to read it), and it is to be turned in with the exam. Remember, this is an accommodation. So, it has been granted to "level the playing field," and compensate for a functional limitation that student has. Yes, you can review the card prior to the exam. The card to will be returned to you, with all testing materials, once the student has taken the exam. 


Last updated: November 6, 2019