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About AVC: Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs)


  • Demonstrates analytical reading and writing skills including research, quantitative and qualitative evaluation and synthesis.
  • Demonstrates listening and speaking skills that result in focused and coherent communications.

Creative, Critical, and Analytical Thinking

  • Uses intellectual curiosity, judgment and analytical decision-making in the acquisition, integration and application of knowledge and skills.
  • Solves problems utilizing technology, quantitative and qualitative information and mathematical concepts.
  • Demonstrates information literacy by locating, evaluating, and ethically using information from diverse sources, and employing proper citation formats.

Community/Global Consciousness

  • Understands and applies personal concepts of integrity, ethics, self-esteem, lifelong learning, while contributing to the well-being of society and the environment.
  • Demonstrates an awareness and respect of the values of diversity, complexity, aesthetics and varied cultural expressions.

Career and Specialized Knowledge

  • Demonstrates knowledge, skills and abilities related to student educational goals, including career, transfer and personal enrichment.